School Menus

Mickleover Primary School Menus are designed to offer choice, great value for money and the knowledge that our menus meet the legislative standards for school food. The 3 weekly menu cycle offers a variety of dishes each day for your child to choose from. The menus include many favourites including roasts, curries, pasta and traditional puddings. The cost of school meals is currently £2.50.

At Mickleover Primary school we take pride in where our food comes from and are active members of the Food for Life awards scheme. We take care when we choose our products and look at where they come from to make sure that they are responsibly sourced and where possible have low food miles to reduce our carbon footprint.

All our meat is sourced from Red Tractor suppliers and our fish are sustainably sourced as recognised by the Marine Stewardship Council. We offer organic milk every day during lunch time and our eggs are free range. We believe in supporting local farmers and businesses.

Here are some of the suppliers and farms that we use for our fresh produce:

Owen Taylor is a local Butcher and these are the farms they source our meat from Sanfariann Farm, Banks Farm, Moor Farm, Green Bank, Red Field House Park.

Our eggs are free range and are from Sunrise Poultry Farm in Leicestershire.

Our Milk is from the Cottswold Dairy.

Our vegetables are from Herbs Unlimited, Total Produce and B&G Nurseries.

Please click the link at the bottom of the page to see the school dinner menu. Please note that this may vary slightly due to circumstances beyond our control.

School Menu: June - October 2024