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Tuesday 27th February 2024

Today, we had the mid-year Parent Forum session. Here we discussed library engagement, maths target tracker information, Class Dojo/ School Email communication, Readathon Sponsored event and much more. We had 9 attendees, covering year groups R,2,3,4, and 6. It was a productive meeting and many ideas were discussed. The bulk of the session was spent on the maths target trackers, where parents had the opportunity to trial our newly developed maths target tracker resource in the school’s computer suite. The resource itself clarifies the meaning of every target and includes links to interactive resources to support each maths skills. Parents gave important insights into how it could be further improved and we will use these to further enhance the resource.

Tuesday 6th June 2023

Today was our final parent forum meeting of the year. We discussed homework engagement and our new reward system that seeks to motivate parents and pupils alike! We also talked about our new infant’s reading scheme and the positive impact it is having on our youngest readers. We hope to branch out and now replenish and improve our Key Stage Two reading scheme to further boost reading standards and above all, reading enjoyment. Click the link above to see the minutes. We look forward to inviting more parents along in the new academic year to gain an even better insight into parent perspective.  

Tuesday 28th February 2023

On 28/2/2022 We had our midyear parent forum meeting. It was great to hear how School Improvement Priority 3 (re-connecting with parents and wider community, post Covid)  is having such a positive impact.  We discussed many new ideas and look forward to sharing and implementing these! Check out the minutes for more details! Remember, we always welcome new members so please do get in touch with the school office if you want your voice to be a part of our Mickleover Parent Forum.

Tuesday 8th November 2022

On 8/11/2022 we held our first meeting of the academic year. Here we discussed homework guides, our knowledge organiser initiative, curriculum communication tools and much more! We have parents that are representing every year group currently but would welcome more parents and voices to the group. Contact the school office if you would like to join us!

Tuesday 7th June 2022

On 7/6/2022 we held an introductory parent forum session. We are currently in the process of recruiting more parents/ guardians ready for September 2022. If you are interested in joining our growing members list, please do get in touch with the school office; you’d be most welcome to join the parent forum team!